Celebrating Bevan Dufty and his 40 years of public service

I had a very good time campaigning with my dad.


It was like a bonding session, too. We had some people who would take the flyers and some people who ignored. But altogether we had a really good time.

One fun story was when we ran into someone who babysat me when I was small and a "Little Monster."

Of course, I got more flyers handed out. :)

Afterwards we would go to breakfast at Toast and discuss the ups and downs of campaigning that morning.

Altogether I got about seven stacks of flyers out. "Go Sid!"  

I really want you to cast your vote for Bevan Dufty so all this work I did can pay off. He will be a great leader. I love my Dad.




Thank you for support during this race. If you've been thinking about donating, this would be a great time. I hope to raise just a little more to finish strong and win. Thank you, Sid, for making this such a fun experience and, thank you, San Francisco Democrats!

Photo: Steven Underhill Photography


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