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Implement the BART Bond for System Reliability and Reinvestment!

As a BART Director, I will do everything possible to accelerate improvements to our outdated BART infrastructure.  However, issues of passenger congestion, train delays, chronically broken elevators and escalators will not be meaningfully addressed without first raising the necessary funds.

After 44 years, BART has identified $7.5 billion in unfunded infrastructure investment needed to keep our system from crumbling.

Safety and reliability of our trains and the station and riding experience of passengers will be my top priority as a Director, which is why I am asking you to join me in supporting the BART Bond for Reliability and Reinvestment (Measure RR) in the coming November election.

Measure RR requires a two-thirds approval.  Because the need for investment in San Francisco’s core system is so essential, I’m hoping that we see 75% approval or higher here.  Even if another county falls below 67% our higher SF margin could enable us to reach 2/3 approval overall.


The bond alone will not be enough to remedy all of BART’s problems with underfunding, but it is an essential catalyst for improvements.   I am also encouraged by Hillary Clinton’s emphasis on infrastructure investment and revenues from Carbon Tax or Cap and Trade, as well.


What is the BART Bond and What Does It Do?

"On November 8, voters in San Francisco, Alameda and Contra Costa counties will have an opportunity to decide whether to authorize BART to issue $3.5 billion in general obligation bonds, to be repaid by district property owners. At least two thirds of the total votes must be “yes” to pass the ballot measure. BART will use the money to rebuild a transit system that’s now 44 years old. Below are some facts to help you decide." (Courtesy of

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Why We Need the BART Bond

"BART is the backbone of Bay Area transportation. A system that originally carried 100,000 people per week now serves roughly 430,000 riders per day, and ridership is expected to increase 75% by 2040. However, the 44-year-old system is showing its age. It is time to reinvest to keep BART safe and reliable, reduce crowding, keep cars off the road, and protect the environment" (Courtesy of

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Read BART’s Full Bond Plan

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