Dear Voters:


I want to thank and acknowledge fellow BART D9 candidate Michael Petrelis for asking that I look to identify whether I have received contributions from Police unions.


When I ran for the BART Board in 2016, I did not participate in the BART Police Officers Association endorsement process.  I did not submit the questionnaire nor did I seek to interview for an endorsement.


So when Michael asked, I didn't think that I had any such contributions -- and I was wrong.


When I ran for District 8 Supervisor in 2002, I voluntarily limited donations to $100 instead of the $500 maximum allowed and I only accepted donations from individuals who lived or worked in San Francisco.  This was unheard of.


2002 was just before rank-choice voting, so there was a December 10, 2002 runoff.  I allowed people who donated $100 to donate an additional $100.  If you had not given before you were limited to $100.  I did not accept PAC contributions so I know SFPOA had not donated.


SFPOA also did not donate to my re-election in 2006.


I did find that SFPOA contributed $500 to me when I ran for Mayor in 2011.  


On August 1, 2020 I donated $500 from my BART 2020 campaign to established by Alicia Garza, co-founder of Black Lives Matter.  


Black Futures Lab has the Black Imagination Incubator and the Shirley Chisholm "Unbought and Unbossed Black Politics Project."


California Donor Table established the "No Police Money Candidate Pledge" that I have signed.

SF Deputy Sheriffs Association


In 2002 and 2006, the San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs Association (SFDSA) donated $500 each cycle to my campaign.  Several Progressive Members of the current Board of Supervisors have received contributions from SFDSA that they have not returned.  I will not be soliciting any future donations from them.

It is my hope to also make a $1,000 commensurate contribution to the Black Futures Lab as I did with SFPOA.  I am in the midst of raising money and paying bills, so I hope to announce that this donation has been made by the end of September.

Final Thoughts


I want to thank Michael Petrelis for asking me about this and his follow up.  


I have received contributions personally from Police Officers with whom I have worked, including members of Officers for Justice (SF Black Police Officer's Association).




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